I am a front-end web developer based in Slough, UK.
As a tech enthusiast, I am passionate about programming.
In my spare time, I enjoy video games, learning new skills as a developer, and spending time with my family and toddler son.


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Angular Redux Typescript

VS Code Todo (VS Code Extension)

A TypeScript VS Code extension leveraging Redux for state management and Angular for the webview. The extension goal is to provide intuitive to-do/note management with flexible scoping (global, workspace, file) while integrating seamlessly with the VS Code interface.

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Node Typescript

Last Log (VS Code Extension)

A TypeScript VS Code extension that provides easy access to the most recent log files. Additionally, it offers optional automated cleanup of older files and empty directories based on configurable age settings. It works with any file type but can be configured to target specific file extensions.

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Html5 Css (Sass) Javascript

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Designed and written from scratch using HTML5, custom CSS styles with Sass, Javascript. Using Javascript to store data on the browser`s localStorage, calculate the time required and the estimated finish date, manipulate the DOM dynamically as tasks are added, deleted, or completed.